MHNHN is a knock off of a home based business called Total Imagery (M.H.R.E.) It was created by artist, musician, writer and entrepreneur Chris "Ralski" Amesquita who has invested countless years learning new techniques and turning his visions into a reality. As a musician since his early teens, expression through art was his lifelong passion. And with several years of promotional experience through self-made flyers, word-of-mouth, advertisements and building a noteable reputation on the streets, he decided to take his talents to another level. 

Not too long after graduating high school, he completed a Computer Science course at ITT Technical Institute and began to explore his creativity while working in Corporate America. Ralski learned more about creating graphic designs by getting familiar with various programs. This allowed him to learn aspects of advertisement artwork and marketing specifications. He also taught himself standard web design and video editing with a bit of help from some great friends. Many years went into learning how to network and market himself, and through trials and tribulations, he shared his knowledge with several entities.

Over 10 years later, MHNHN was born. It was a concept to share his "Panic Art" with others, and test the boundaries of artistic creation. Now that the seed has been planted and the concept revealed, it has the opportunity to go global. And with everyone's help, all persons involved can take that journey and reap some of the benefits. This concept was developed for like minds and free thinkers, not the cultural "elite" or the sheeple of this planet. It is a means to tie the pieces together, between the creators and the fans of creation.

That is where MHNHN begins. Through his journey over the years, Ralski has come across many talented and interesting people. He has also gained a wealth of information that he would like to share, with hopes that others would be just as curious to try new things, take risks, and have new experiences that are outside of their regular comfort zone.

This is just the beginning...